Homeowners Association Standards

As a Village, we take pride in maintaining our homes and neighborhood. Below are reminders of some of the standards we have in place to protect the values of our homes:

Exterior Stuff

If planning exterior renovations/changes to your home or yard you need to get HOA Board approval. This includes front/side/back yards. Minor maintenance does not need approval.


Roof Roof

After 30 years of rain/wear/tear, several neighbors have recently replaced wood shake roofs with composite/shingle roofs. A reminder that if planning a reroof project you need to get HOA Board approval. Following is the HOA’s roofing specification:

  • All composition roofing or reroofing must be a minimum of "triple-laminated," a minimum of 425 lbs. per 100 square feet. 75 years or better. And must have a minimum of 50 year warranty Presidential.

The new spec is intended to result in roofs that have a more articulated/attractive look than flat/basic shingles. Submittal is simple… we don’t need the contractor contract… just send us an email or written note on the type of material that you are considering along with specs and color selection. If a neighbor has the color you are going to use then just note that address. If you don’t see the color in Village then send a picture of the roofing contractor’s color sample.

Here is what a neighbor submitted to us after they picked out their material/color:

  • Shingles to be... Certain Teed Presidential Series, 480 lbs per square. Color is Shadow Grey.


Green or Clean

There has also been recent discussion about some roofs that have been heavily covered with moss and debris that is visible from streets. A reminder to check your roof and if all you see is a lot of green stuff… time to get it cleaned.


Santa, Bunny and Pumpkins

Many of us like to decorate our homes and yards for holidays. It gives us a very festive, fun and neighborly feel. We have received complaints about the length of time that some folks leave up their decorations. So a reminder that holiday decorations should be displayed as follows:

  • One month before a holiday… and up to one month after a holiday.

Doggie Do, Doggie Don’t

Please remember to pick up after your poochies… our neighbors, lawn crews, the lake and the environment… thank you.

Wrong Way Parking

Please remember to park the right way along curbs to make it easier for traffic flow…

Fast and Furious

Now that folks are coming out of hibernation and getting more active, especially the kiddies, please ask all the drivers in your household to Drive Calm and Carry On… 

Open Garages

Another reminder to close your garage doors when going into your house or backyard to keep unwanted “guests” out…


Visible Garbage Cans

Garbage cans should not be visible from the street. Place them inside the garage or in locations along the side of the house that are screened from street view…


Neighbor to Neighbor

Village on the Lake has a tradition of neighborliness.  If you have a concern about a neighbor’s property, the following is our HOA procedure for addressing concerns/complaints:

  1. We recommend that first you contact your neighbor directly to respectfully discuss your concern.

  2. If the issue is not resolved, send a written or email note to one of the HOA Board members listed below. Please be sure to sign your note otherwise we can’t address it.

  3. The HOA board will discuss and try to resolve the issue.

  4. If the board cannot resolve it, we will then notify City Code Enforcement staff and request follow-up with the homeowner.

Ashley Miller - President ashley@anytimeplumber.us

Michael Day – Vice President md@graphicprintsolutions.com

Scott Quarterman – Treasurer jsquarterman@comcast.net

Lisa Wendland - Secretary lisaw@lisawendland.net

Melissa Messner – Social Chair denofmessners@gmail.com

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Following is a reminder of our responsibilities for property maintenance and improvement according to Lake Oswego City (LOC) and Oregon State Codes as well as our Village on the Lake Home Owners Association Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions (CCRs).

This is not intended to be a comprehensive list of all our duties and responsibilities under the HOA CCR and City rules, but a summary of key rules you should be aware of.


HOA Common Areas + Natural Protection Zones

Our Common Areas as well as Natural Protection Zones, which are easements on some properties that back up to the Common Areas, were created and protected in the Village on the Lake Planned Development when the development was originally approved. Since these areas/zones are protected areas, NO vegetation is to be removed or disturbed, which means no landscape or hardscape changes can be made.  The HOA and City work together to review and enforce this regulation.

Our protected natural areas are also designated on the Lake Oswego Comprehensive Plan and Zoning Map as Sensitive Lands. Please note that this is an overlay zone that does not apply to Village on the Lake as long as we maintain compliance with our Planned Development approval and CCRs, which predate the Sensitive Lands regulations, pursuant Lake Oswego Code (LOC


Trees must be trimmed up to 13.5 feet if they overhang roadways

Oregon Fire Code; LOC 15.06.610:  For safe movement of fire apparatus, roadways shall have a vertical clearance of 13.5 feet. Thus, trees on private property (including access lanes for flag lots) and within adjacent planting strips must be limbed up to the appropriate height.


Sidewalks/Streets must be free from debris + vegetation up to 9 feet

LOC 34.10.510: Sidewalks and Streets to be Kept Free from Debris, Overhanging Brush and Limbs - Property owners shall keep sidewalks and streets abutting their property free from earth, rock, yard clippings, and other debris and from projecting or overhanging bushes, brush and limbs that may obstruct or render unsafe the passage of persons or vehicles. Limbs, branches, leaves and other vegetative growth shall not under any circumstances be allowed to project an elevation of less than nine (9) feet above the level of the sidewalk.

While not required by code, also consider maintaining tree limbs that are near street lights. Trim branches that are encroaching into the light shed to help keep our streets safe for all.


Vision clearance triangle at driveways should be 10 feet by 10 feet

LOC 42.03.130: Sight Distance at Driveways – Driveways that serve one residence along local roadways shall maintain a 10-foot by 10-foot clear vision triangle, measured along the near edge of pavement of the travel surfaces. Within the clear sight triangle, it shall be unlawful to install, set out or maintain, or to allow the installation, setting out or maintenance of, any sign, fence, hedge, shrubbery, natural growth or other obstruction to the view, higher than 30 inches above the level of the centerline of the adjacent pavement.


Planting strips shall be landscaped/maintained

LOC 42.08.400.4: Sidewalks – The planting strip (between street and sidewalk) shall be landscaped and maintained by the abutting property owner. The planting strip may contain fixed objects such as trees, mailboxes, fire hydrants, telephone poles or benches.


Sidewalks shall be repaired + cleaned to avoid tripping hazards

LOC 42.08.410: Sidewalks to be kept in repair and clean by owner

  1. It shall be the duty of owners of property abutting or lying adjacent to sidewalks constructed upon the public streets of the city to keep such sidewalks, and the property lying between such sidewalks and the adjacent and abutting property, in good repair and free from obstruction and to keep the same clean of debris, leaves and any growing material and ice and snow, and free of any other object or matter which may impede or render hazardous the use of the sidewalk and property lying between the same and abutting/adjoining property. This includes heaving or uneven sidewalks that are potential tripping hazards.

  2. A property owner shall remove ice and snow from sidewalks as herein before required within four hours after daylight when the same shall have accumulated during the night hours or within two hours after the end of a snow fall occurring during daylight hours.

LOC Walkways, Bikeways and Accessways Standards for Maintenance - Maintenance of walkways, bikeways or accessways shall be the responsibility of the owner or owners of the land abutting or through which the way passes.


Landscape Maintenance

LOC 34.10.520: Periodic Brush Cutting Required - Property owners, lessees, occupants, persons in possession or control of property and all such responsible persons shall cut and remove from their property all weeds, thistles, noxious vegetation, all dead bushes, dead trees, stumps, and any growth of an inflammable nature and all grass or weeds more than ten (10) inches in height.  Any person in possession or control of real property shall further be responsible for trimming away from any property line to a distance of ten (10) feet all blackberry intrusion.   

The HOA Board also recommends that homeowners remove ivy from trees on their properties to maintain the health of the trees and the neighborhood’s overall forest setting.

LOC 34.10.530: Public Nuisances; Composting Excepted - Persons in possession or control of real property shall at all times maintain such property free from growth or material which may harbor or attract vermin or insects or aid in the spread of disease, or which may be offensive or unsightly to the community in which the property is located.  


Sewer Dumping

LOC 38.25.150 - It is illegal to dump any fluids or material into the Lake Oswego storm sewer system. These sewers channel storm water to City waterways (including the lake) and need to be free of debris and pollutants. Please inform your indoor and outdoor cleaning/maintenance crews to not pour or push anything into the storm drains located along our neighborhood streets. Best practices for the care of storm drains can be found on the City’s website at:  https://www.ci.oswego.or.us/publicworks/illicit-discharge-detection-and-elimination-program. Tips for water-quality friendly yard care can be found at:  https://www.ci.oswego.or.us/publicworks/yard-and-garden-care


House Addresses

LOC 45.17.015 – The City requires that all homes and buildings have address numbers displayed in highly visible locations, which can include free-standing mailboxes. Our hardworking Police and Fire Departments need to find your house in emergencies and your guests need to find it in time for dinner. Address numbers should be large enough to be seen by drivers (at least 6 inches), with number colors that contrast to background colors. Vegetation should not be blocking numbers. Addresses especially need to be seen at night.


City Code Enforcement Staff (City Hall/3rd Floor)

City staff enforces the Sign, Tree, Zoning and Building Codes and conducts site inspections. They serve the community by helping residents maintain viable neighborhoods by assuring compliance from responsible parties. They address such items as fencing, structures, decks, patios, trees, landscaping, walls and signs. If you are considering changes to your property, it is best to contact the helpful planning staff to check the City Code!